Black Mountain Nordic Trails, Rumford

This is a wonderful place to x-c ski, albeit on the small side. It also appears that the tracks are only groomed (for both Classic and skating) when a race is scheduled. We were lucky the day we visited because there were high school teams at the mountain racing all day. We managed to get out on a lovely 5K course in between the sprints.

It’s important to note here: the black diamond trails are really black diamond! There are some mega hills here. The course is really challenging.

Plus, no matter how many trails are groomed or not groomed, you have to buy your $15 ticket. So it’s really best to check it out beforehand.

Directions: You can
park in the large parking area for the alpine ski hut, and you buy your
x-c ski tickets inside. The ski area is at the end of Glover Road, off
Isthmus Road.