Blue Hill

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Map shows trails in Hancock County

  • Blue Hill Mountain — The hill the town is named after is beautiful, and very easy, as far as mountains go with amazing views. This is a popular hike, and very doable for kids.
  • Kingdom Woods Conservation Area — This 878-acre preserve includes a 50-acre pond. It’s super nice, and has about 3.25 miles in its trail system.
  • Peters Brook Trail — Right now, a .5-mile trail follows a brook to a waterfall and pool. The path might be extended in the future.
  • Blue Hill Town Trail — An itty-bitty loop trail in the woods designed to be very easy to walk.
  • South Street-Parker Hill Road Connector Trail — A half-mile trail between two streets in town. Other than useful as a shortcut for runners and walkers, I can’t see it being a totally satisfying destination.