Knight’s Pond Preserve (Bruce and Blueberry Hills), Cumberland

The trails in Cumberland, Falmouth, and Windham are very well connected, either by footpath or snowmobile trail. In my map above, Knight’s Pond Preserve is in light blue; Farwell Forest is in lavender; Rines Forest in green; Hadlock Forest in red; Falmouth Town Forest trails in dark blue; and Falmouth Community Park trails in orange. Not shown on this Google map is how this network connects to a trail system on the western side of Route 100, which includes Blackstrap Preserve, North Falmouth Community Forest, and Lowell Preserve.

Here is my attempt at a map that roughly shows the multi-town interconnected trail system.

Nice to see that this 300-acre area has had a makeover! I walked here several years ago, and while it was lovely, the trail system was rough. Today (that is, late January 2017), the trail system is well marked, with maps posted at every intersection. The views from Blueberry Hill are pretty, and Knight’s Pond is a popular spot for ice skating. You’ll be able to hear the FAA tower when you’re close by — it makes a low whirring sound. You can find more info here.

Directions: The main lot is off the Greeley Road Extension. From the intersection with Route 9, drive about 1.23 miles and you’ll see a large parking lot on your right. The trail system starts from the back corner of the lot.