Rocky Ridge Fitness Trail, Sedgwick

This is a charming .8-mile loop near the Sedgwick Elementary School that has the most nice-looking fitness equipment that I have seen! The rings and bars and benches and such are set up at about a dozen stations interspersed along the path. The equipment isn’t a million years old and falling apart, like at so many other fitness trails I’ve walked.

It’s probably best to walk this trail when school is not in session, but I think the staff and teachers are fairly relaxed about people parking near the trailhead (at the far end of the parking lot) and doing the loop. I followed instructions, though, and did ask for permission when I visited on a recent cold weekday. Also, since it was snowy, I couldn’t see the trail base, but I believe it is gravel and graded, so perhaps wheelchair friendly?

Directions: The trail begins at the far end of the parking lot of Sedgwick Elementary School off of Route 15.

Cooper Farm at Caterpillar Hill, Sedgwick

The views from Caterpillar Hill are breathtaking. You do, though, enjoy them right at the start of the walk (and so, of course, at the end, too). In my opinion, a view packs a greater wallop and feels more like a reward if you arrive at it later on in a hike. Nonetheless, the trails here, through blueberry plains and forest, are really nice, regardless of the fact you get the highlight over rather quickly! The trails are well marked, with maps at every junction, thanks to the good work of Blue Hill Heritage Trust. Watch for bobolinks, Eastern meadowlark, and woodcocks.

Directions: From Blue Hill, take Route 15, toward Sedgewick. At the intersection with Route 176, turn left, continuing on Route 15. After 4.3 miles, you’ll come to the expansive vista on top of Caterpillar Hill and Cooper Farm. Take a right after the scenic turnout onto Cooper Farm Road and park alongside the road.

Bluff Head, Sedgwick

Like nearby Snow’s Cove Preserve, Bluff Head offers views of the Bagaduce River, but this time from up high, on Bluff Head. The rocky outcrop offers a great place to rest and check out the loveliness.

The best part of the trail is the Bluff Head Overlook Trail, which has slightly less even footing than the rest of the trail system, but should not be missed, if possible.

Directions: The trailhead is .2 miles down the Rope Ferry Road. Turn onto Rope Ferry Road at the junction of Route 15 (Mines Road) and Route 176 (Southern Bay Road).

Snow’s Cove Preserve, Sedgwick

At Snow’s Cove Preserve, you’ll walk through forest to the edges of the wide Bagaduce River. The Blue Hill Heritage Trust says this area is an important breeding ground for horseshoe crabs.

For some reason, the land trust has carved out the trail system so that you can opt out of doing the .25-mile Shore Trail — perhaps because the footing is a little bit harder? — but don’t miss out on walking it if you can. It offers access to the river and views.

Directions: A small parking lot and the trailhead are located on the west side of Route 15/Snow’s Cove Road, approximately 1.3 miles south of the junction of Route 15/Mines Road and Route 176/Southern Bay Road.