Settlement Quarry, Stonington

If you turn right onto the .3-mile Glacial Erratic Trail after leaving the parking area, you’ll begin your walk in cool, mossy evergreen woods. The Glacial Erratic Trail deposits you onto the white smooth granite of the quarry, which is slightly curved like the side of a moon. Blazes on the stone mark the way to the top, where you’ll have gorgeous views of Webb Cove, the islands of Merchants Row, and Isle au Haut. It’s so cool here! A great hike for kids, as long as no one falls over one of the granite edges. The granite of the quarry is made up of pink and white feldspar and quartz, and once was used for courthouse columns and (stately) bridges. The quarry closed for good in 1980. The Island Heritage Trust offers information for a self-guided tour.

Directions: From Route 15 in Stonington, turn onto Oceanville Road. The quarry trailhead and kiosk will be on the right in just under a mile.

Crockett Cove Woods, Stonington

Come here for the quiet, and for a walk in a forest layered in a blanket of moss. At the start of the trail, if you begin at the trailhead off Whitman Road, the trail will take you over massive boulders covered in moss and lichen, still so green even in the middle of winter (if the snow hasn’t covered them, that is). From one end to the other of this 98-acre preserve, it’s roughly 1 mile.

The Nature Conservancy describes this 98-acre forest as a “coastal fog forest,” dominated by cool, moist air, which was donated by the designer and painter Emily Muir in 1975. Here is a self-guided tour.

Directions:  From Route 1, take Route 15 down the Deer Isle peninsula. About three miles past the Sunset Post Office, turn right on Whitman Road. Turn right onto Fire Lane 88. The preserve entrance is marked by a small sign. Note: When I visited in the winter of 2019, the road to this parking lot was barricaded, so I parked in the smaller lot off Barbour Farm Road.