CommUnity Bikeway and Fairgrounds Loop Trail, Unity

This cool path connects Unity College with downtown. The first .5 mile is bike-able, and you can fly down the wide gravel path through a large field, swooping around a corner onto a fabulous and huge pedestrian bridge over the wide and shallow Sandy Stream.

Once you reach downtown, take a quick left onto Route 202, and look for the path continuing as a narrower footpath to the fairgrounds. You’ll cross Newell Lane at roughly 1 mile, and can do another half mile loop around the fairgrounds.

Directions: According to Unity Barn Raisers, parking is available in the lot on the South side of the New Horizon’s Health Center on Main Street. I think during the weekends, you may also park at Unity College? There is also space for one or two cars to pull over on the side of Newell Lane.