Green Point Wildlife Management Area, Dresden

This is an idyllic walk in many ways — it’s easy, charming, and includes an old orchard, small ponds, meadows, and views over the Kennebec River. It’s very popular with birders. As far I could tell when I visited in the spring of 2017, the best place to walk is along an old road which wanders down to an outlook over the river, about .6 miles from the start. There’s two benches and a picnic table here. And I think it must be possible to go swimming?

There is also a slightly fainter old road that veers off to the right, taking you to a large meadow. There might be more trails in this preserve but on the day I went, people were out training their hunting dogs in the field so I didn’t dare explore over there!

Natural Resources Council of Maine has more info.

Directions: From Route 197 in Dresden, turn onto Route 128 (or the River Road) in Dresden. The management area is about two miles south of the intersection with Rte. 197. There is a large sight for the area and a big parking lot on the right. You can also drive 50-100 more feet or so and park at a little gravel lot in front of the gated road. This is the road to the picnic area.