Greenwood Ice Caves and Tiger Bill Quarry, Greenwood

The hike to the quarry and to the ice-cave footpath is along an old dirt road that is passable for some sturdy cars. Not for your average vehicle though, and it is easy to park at the junction of Ames Lane and Greenwood Road. If you choose to walk, you’ll head up the road (Ames Lane) for about 1.4 miles before turning left at the junction (to the right is a snowmobile track). You’ll pass a little cabin, and in about .1 mile the road splits. Go either way (it’s a tiny loop). The main road continues up to the quarry on Uncle Tom Mountain, another .7 mile or so. Another rough snowmobile track continues on, roughly in a south east direction. (It’ll be on your left if you are facing up the hill and there should be a snowmobile sign.) Follow this about 100 feet or so, and you’ll see a worn sign for the ice caves on the right, and a little footpath. Walk that for about .3 miles, and you’ll come across a massive number of jumbled boulders and caves. The footing is perilous around the boulders, so take care. You can explore for hours. My favorite spot here was at the top of a huge cliff face, which has a view. I’ve noted it on my map.

If you continue up the road to the quarry, you’ll eventually reach a split in the road with a snowmobile sign for “overlook, dead end.” Take that route (on left), and then take another left. If you go straight at this second junction, you’ll come to a second little pond (there is a pool at the main quarry, too).

Directions: The dirt road (Ames Lane) to the caves and quarry is roughly two miles north of Greenwood City, on the left. It is unmarked, if I remember correctly. You can park at the head of the road.