Hatch Cove and Schumacher Preserve, Castine

Perhaps the neatest part of this preserve is the nearby beach on Wadsworth Cove and the tidal swimming pool behind it. When I visited the area, slushy, icy waves were rolling onto the beach, and the pool looked like it could be very enticing on a hot summer day.

There are no formal trails on the fields of Hatch Cove Preserve (which also contains an old farm pond), but you can walk a little ways down Wadsworth Cove Road and across the Route 166 causeway to the small Shumacher Preserve, on your left. A short trail takes you to a lookout over Hatch Cove and to the stone remains of British Revolutionary War redoubt, or temporary military shelter.

The fields at Hatch Cove are a good place to see bobolinks. And there is a charming old farm pond in the middle.

Directions: Take Route 166 south towards Castine, turning right onto Wadsworth Cove Road before crossing the Neck. Park along edge of Wadsworth Cove Road or the Backshore Road.