Hope Cemetery and Woods, Kennebunk

I love the name of this cemetery, which does inspire hope (either in this world or the next!).

The roughly 2.4 miles of trails that abut the cemetery are immaculately maintained. The trails to the north of the Hope Woods parking area are all universally accessible, with the exception of two (the blue and yellow ones. And perhaps one day these will be, too). And these paths are some of the most accessible I’ve ever seen for gravel trails— they’re wide, flat, well-marked, and smooth. Additionally, you can stroll through the beautiful cemetery, on its paths and roads.

I believe walkers are encouraged to park at the far end of the cemetery, but walkers can enter the trail system via the cemetery, Wood Pond Lane, Fletcher Street, and Woodhaven Drive. 

Directions: While there are several places to access this trail system, not all of them are conducive to parking. The idea spot to park is in the cemetery at the end of the access road. Enter the cemetery from Portland Road (Route 1), about 300 feet from the intersection with Main Street.