Lily Pond Park, Deer Isle

Around this popular beach, you can amble along a few short, wide and easy trails. They are easy enough for most wheelchairs and strollers. There also appear to be two unofficial, scraggly, unmarked trails heading off around the pond from the beach. The one on the right, if you are standing on the beach looking out over the water, seems to be better used and is easy to follow until it ends at some high boulders along the lakeside.

The Island Heritage Trust has also recently protected additional acres on the other side of the lake, off of King Row, that may be turned into more trails.

Directions: The best place to access the park is off Quaco Road, where there is a large parking area. You can also access the park from Deer Run, but there is less parking here. Both streets can be reached via Route 15, the main thoroughfare of the island.