Manor Street Trail, Old Orchard Beach

Manor Trail in red; Ted Wells Memorial Trail in blue

A pleasant system of trails lies close to the water treatment plant. While there are posted signs purporting you can gain access by permission only, this local guide recommends the walk to the public. There are no signs indicating the trail head, but it is easy to find the main entry  — it is a wide, well-traveled path to the right of the water treatment plant that follows the length of the fence.

You can also circle around the plant to check out a view of the marsh. From this point, you can make your way (via unmarked trails on the Oceanwood Camp campus) to the pretty Ted Wells Memorial Trail and overlook.

Directions: Park off to the side of Manor Street, outside the water treatment fence. The trail begins to the right of the water treatment plant. Oceanwood Camp requests that you notify them if you are using the trail system near its campus.