Newman Preserve, Northport

The one-mile (one way) trail follows a gradual downhill to the shores of Pitcher Pond. At the shore, it looks like you can walk back along White Head Road for a loop to the parking lot. Also, note that at one point the trail, about half way through, the path takes a sharp turn where it intersects with a snowmobile path. The 230-acre preserve extends across the street, but there is no path across the road. The land is protected by the Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

Directions: From Route 52, drive north from Lincolnville Center for six miles until you come to Beech Hill Road in Northport. Take this right and drive for about 1.2 miles until you come to the top of a steep hill. The parking lot is on the left-hand side of the road, and the trail is across the street. From Route 1, follow Route 1 to Northport. Beyond Nealey’s store, turn onto Beech Hill Road. Follow Beech Hill Road approximately 3 miles. Newman Preserve parking lot is on right.