Peary Mountain, Brownfield

Peary Mountain offers some lovely views of the White Mountains and other high peaks, which you can take in from the western ledge before continuing on to the east-facing summit. The hike to the top is 1.3 miles, and it is not blazed. The best way to reassure yourself you are on the trail is to keep to the widest path possible. At one point, I wandered off, and it became quickly apparent I wasn’t going the right way because the trail narrowed. For the first part of the trail, you’ll be walking along a slight stream. About 2/3 of the way up, you’ll see a handmade sign pointing to the left to reach the mountain top. Here, the trail narrows to become more a footpath, marked with cairns, and you’ll soon be at the first open ledge with its sumptuous views. Continue east, and you’ll follow a narrow path to the summit. The views aren’t quite as good here, but they’re still good enough!

Directions: From Route 5/113, turn onto Farnsworth Road. Travel 1.3 miles to a spot right after a large farm on your left. There is a small lot here with a signpost for snowmobilers. One of the arrows points up to Peary Mountain. The path begins on the left as a logging road and snowmobile trail.