Pine Hill Preserve, Deer Isle

A .1-mile dirt road takes you to an open area in front of the Pine Hill ledge face, impressively jagged and painted with graffiti. Look for the narrow path to your right if you want to scramble up the cliff for a view through tree tops of Deer Isle. Take care with your footing.

The quarry here provided stone for the island causeway in the 1930s. The rock, serpentinized peridotite, is quite rare, as are some of the lichens, mosses, ferns, liverworts and other plants that thrive on its unique chemistry.

Directions: Turn off Route 15 onto Eggmoggin Road. In .2 miles, take a left onto Blastow Cove Road. In .2 miles, you’ll see the trailhead and small parking area for Pine Hill.