Step Falls Preserve, Newry and near Grafton Notch State Park

Along Route 26, you can make several stops to check out pretty glorious falls. The first one, Step Falls, might be the nicest, with the stream running over smooth, wide rocks into deep pools for at least half the length of .5-mile trail. I bet this place is a zoo on a hot summer day. 

Although there is a place for handicap parking here, the trail is not too, too easy. It’s short, though. It ends at a private property line.

Farther west along Route 26, you can also take a short walk (1/4-mile) at Screw Augur Falls and at Moose Cove. Mother Walker Falls is in between the two — and is not quite as impressive as the other spots. At Moose Cove, the trail is wide and easy, with steps, boardwalks, and overlooks.

Directions: Going west on Route 26 toward the state park, you’ll see the preserve parking lot on the right, just before Wight Brook, about eight miles from Route 2. It’l the second preserve you’ll pass — the first is for Stewart Family Preserve and Grafton Loop Trail. The preserve is ten miles from the New Hampshire border, 14 miles northwest of Bethel and one-half mile southeast of Grafton Notch State Park.
My pics include some shots from Screw Augur and Moose Cove.
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