Thompson’s Point Fore River Trail, Portland

This is a delightful off-road urban trail, with bridges and river views, that begins (or ends) at Thompson’s Point. For those who don’t know it, Thompson’s Point is a development with restaurants, food trucks, breweries, museum(s), an indoor market, and an outdoor concert venue on a parklike point with benches—including one that swings.

The trail meanders along a little river nook and then parallels the train tracks before taking walkers across Hobart Street to a small riverside meadow. You can make a little loop on the roads before joining up with the trail again to return to Thompson’s Point. It’s definitely bike-able and I think sturdy wheelchairs would be okay along most of the trail.

Note: It looks like an older version of the trail once continued across Congress Street before linking up with the Fore River Sanctuary trail system, but I think it may have been discontinued?

Directions: The best way to reach the trailhead on Thompson’s Point is to take Thompson’s Point Road past the bus/train station. You can park on the side of the road before the concert venue. You should see a Portland Trails sign and map here.