Two Ponds Nature Area, Otisfield

I have found the Otisfield town preserves well maintained, well blazed, and pleasant to explore, and this is no exception. The Two Ponds trail system brings you to the shores of Moose Pond and Saturday Pond, both of which are quiet and lovely, although they have a few homes around them.

While there isn’t a completely enticing place to enter the water in the preserve — the shores are a bit brambly and the pond bottoms a bit mucky — you could certainly jump in!

The trails wind through pretty forest and are mostly easy, albeit the approximately 1.5-mile Saturday Pond loop is a bit rougher than the ~0.6-mile trail to Moose Pond from the parking area. Snowmobile paths interlace the walking trails, allowing you to do a 2.3-mile loop first to Moose Pond, then to Saturday Pond, and then back to the parking area and trailhead.

Directions: The relatively big parking area and trailhead kiosk is on Fox Run Lane, just to the left after the intersection with Hidden Lake Road.