University of Southern Maine Trails, Gorham

Behind the Gorham USM campus is a web of trails — some of them winding single track for mountain bikers, others wider and nicer for walking. It is very easy to get turned around and disoriented in here! The trails are mostly unmarked, and there are many of them. It’s helpful to use the large field and the pond (close to the athletic fields) as landmarks, which you can spot on the Google map here.

I parked off of School Street (Route 114) at a little pump house, where there’s room for a couple of cars. I’m not sure what the parking situation is on campus, but there are a couple of access points to the trails from campus, behind the USM police station on Husky Drive.

Directions: There are several access points to these trails. Parking seems to be okay off Route 114, next to a little pump house, across the street from Falcon Crest Drive. You can also pick up the trails behind the USM police station on campus, and possibly at the end of Lovers Lane (both ends). I’m not sure what the deal is with parking at these other points.