Veterans Memorial Park, Sam Ristich, Town Forest, and Old Railroad Bed trails, North Yarmouth

My favorite part of this mostly forested walk was the jaunt along the Old Railroad Bed Trail. I almost skipped this section because I figured it would just be a straight and endless walk down an old train track. Instead, the path is pretty, a bit winding, good for birding, and ends at an interesting wetland area. Part of the trail here is named after Sam Ristich, who was a greatly loved and respected mycologist. There are several sections. The Veterans Memorial trail begins close to the town office. Then you cross Parsonage Road to continue the wooded trail (named after Sam), which is close to the school. To keep going, you cross Oak Hill Road and can do a loop in the town forest here, or set out along the Old Railroad Bed Trail. If you do the whole thing, it’s about 3.5 miles.

Directions: You can either park at the North Yarmouth town office, at 10 Village Square Road off of Route 9. Or take a left onto Parsonage Road from Route 9 after you pass the town office and park behind the salt shed.