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Map shows trails in Lincoln County

  • Peters Pond Preserve — A beautiful, quiet, undeveloped pond!  A 1.6-mile mile loop from Dutch Neck Road is well blazed, taking you to the pond. You can also get to the pond from Gross Neck Road. 
  • Clarry Hill — 1.25 miles, one way, through blueberry fields, woods and to an undeveloped pond. A treat. 
  • Geele Farm Trail — A pretty and varied 2.5-mile (or shorter) walk, with places to swim in Medomak River. 
  • Osborn Finch Sanctuary — This is a short walk, .7 miles or so, but the views of the Medomak River are gorgeous, and you can also rent a little seaside cabin here. 
  • Reef Point Preserve — A walk along a dirt road takes you to a .6-mile loop that passes by a pretty stretch of the Medomak River. 
  • Goose River Peace Corps and Mill Pond preserves — About 2 miles of trails (which intersect with snowmobile trails) on a roughly 100-acre parcel, with some pretty spots along the river and pond. 
  • Burkett Mill Preserve — This is a large preserve (with good blueberries!). 
  • Quarry Hill and MVLT Founders Preserves — This preserve has been updated with two largish blazed loops taking you through meadows and woods. There is also a little trail around the quarry pond, and a snowmobile trail through the beautiful blueberry barrens.
  • Waldoboro Town Forest — There is a 1.5-mile blazed loop in this 65-acre woods. The walk takes you through an old-growth hemlock tree stand. 
  • Marine Park — Very short trails, pretty and small park. Used as a boat launch. 
  • Riverbrook Preserve — A lovely 1.5-mile trail along the Medomak River and through fields has been extended to include another loop by Meadow Brook.
  • Guy Van Duyn Refuge — A .4-mile trail leads down to a tidal marsh. 
  • George Gould Nature Preserve — At the former AD Gray School, you can do a .9-mile marked loop through the woods and to a meadow.