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Map shows trails in Cumberland County

  • Littlejohn Island Preserve — A 26-acre preserve on the tip of Littlejohn Island, offering fantastic views and cool stone-covered beached. Easy walking. 
  • Fels-Grove Farm Preserve — 55 acres of woods and open fields. Links to West Side Trail. Easy walking. 
  • Pratt’s Brook Park — 220 acres, over six miles of hiking or cross-country skiing. The trails are groomed! 
  • Royal River Park —  A one-mile paved trail near the down town. 
  • Sweetsir Farm Preserve — At least 1.5 miles of walking on this 30-acre plot, much of it along the Royal River. 
  • Sligo Road Property — A quick jaunt through 35 acres of open meadowland and along the Royal River. 
  • Frank Knight Forest — Two or so miles of trails through 75 acres of mature forest and two small but nice meadows. 
  • Spear Farm Estuary Preserve — A beautiful mile or two ramble by a wide salt marsh and sweet pond, with views of the Royal River. Easy walking. 55 acres. 
  • West Side Trail — A long, winding trail, lovely in some spots, through the woods near the power lines. Some rough patches and road crossings. Excellent for mountain biking. Dogs allowed but they must be on leash in the segment between Drinkwater Point Road to the Cousins Island Bridge. The western segment of the trail, closer to the schools, is wheelchair accessible.
  • Riverfront Woods Preserve — 50 acres have been protected here amid a growing neighborhood development. The trail makes a nice figure eight and brings you to the edge of the winding Royal River.