Cape Elizabeth

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Map shows trails in Cumberland County

  • Great Pond Trail — A 1.5-mile, there-and-back trail by the lovely Great Pond, with awesome boardwalks. Popular with locals.
  • Spurwink Trail — A 50-acre preserve that borders the Spurwink Marsh and includes meadows. 
  • Gull Crest, Town Center trail, Willow Brook and Pollack Brook Preserve— A large preserve with many miles of walking or skiing, through woods, fields, and around wetlands. Fantastic place!
  • Dyer-Hutchinson Farm trails — A big preserve, with lots of mostly forested trails to explore. 
  • Robinson Woods and Stonegate Trail — Lots of protected acres here and miles of walking if you hike in these two connected preserves. Robinson Woods appears to be well used.
  • Hobstone Woods — 21 acres and about a 1-mile loop in woods. 
  • Two Lights State Park — A famous, popular, rather spectacular 41-acre park on the ocean with about 1 mile of easy trails. Be very careful of the surf if you climb down onto the rocks.
  • Crescent Beach State Park — Another famous, popular, rather spectacular 100-acre seaside park with a 2.7-mile loop and 1-mile sandy beach. Dogs allowed off-season.
  • Turkey Hill — This is a small protected area with unmarked trails, used mostly by neighbors. There are some interesting old military ruins.
  • Highlands Trail — A short but pleasant trail linking Broad Cove to Two Lights Road. 
  • Dyer Woods — A sweet “pocket” park for local people to enjoy, with well-blazed and well-built trails. 
  • Trundy Point — A scruffy, short trail (~.3 miles) takes you around a narrow rocky headland with spectacular ocean views.
  • Fort Williams Park — A gorgeous, world-famous, and very popular 90-acre oceanside park, most well-known as the site of the world-famous lighthouse Portland Head Light. The trails here are wheelchair accessible. 

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!