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Map shows trails in Lincoln County. Town trails below.

Map shows trails in Lincoln County

  • Stetser Preserve — A wooded trail on 150 acres, good for foraging, which includes a pond. The long loop is 2.3 miles about.
  • Hidden Valley Nature Center — Across the road from Stetser is a fabulous spot for nordic skiing. There are more than 30 miles of trails here, plus cabins and canoes to rent around the year.
  • West Branch Preserve — Seven miles of trails here on a 470 preserve that straddles both Jefferson and Somerville, including paths that follow a pretty stream, cross meadows and pass by the ruins of old mills. A lovely long walk. Camping sites are available here, too.
  • Davis Stream Preserve — An easy, 1/2-mile walk along Davis Stream. You access the trail behind the cemetery, and you can park at Willow Grange, and then walk to the far end of the cemetery to find the road that leads through a meadow and to the blazed trail.

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!