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Map shows trails in York County

  • Saco Heath — The Nature Conservancy has protected more than 1,200 acres of peatland, and built a long boardwalk and a 1.8-mile trail allowing people a rare entry into this watery landscape. No dogs allowed.
  • Horton Woods — Three miles of trails here, with some benches overlooking a fast brook and a small marsh. Dogs allowed.
  • Mary Merrill Trail at the Ecology School — This half-mile trail connects to the Horton Woods trail system, and includes a view over the Saco River.
  • Sylvan Trail — 1.7-mile trail to some lovely meadows. Try to ignore the highway sounds. Dogs allowed.
  • Cascade Falls — A .5-mile loop and quick descent to a lovely waterfall. Dogs allowed.
  • Middle Goosefare Trails — A mile of trails behind the Wagon Wheel Motel, off Route 1. Dogs allowed.
  • Ferry Beach State Park — About 1.5-miles of trails, not including the miles of walking you can do on the beach. Dogs allowed off season.
  • Atlantic Way, Plymouth and Vines Trails — A little under two miles of trails, with lovely views of the marshland.
  • Ferry Landing Trail — A short walk in the woods, by a vernal pool. Dogs allowed.
  • Riverwalk — A short trail, with a spur (through a broken fence) to some beautiful rock ledges on the river. Dogs allowed.
  • Eastern Trail — A great bike path, with lovely off-road sections between South Portland and Kennebunk. 
  • Thurston Mill — You can walk 0.25 miles down either side of Ricker Brook, which is scenic and even dramatic at times for a brook!
  • Foss Road Sports Complex — I recommend walking the wide, mowed grassy paths to the pretty Bass Pond—it’s a short stroll but nice. The rest of the trail system was a bit rough when we visited, but the paths, I read, are groomed for skiing in the winter!