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Map shows trails in Cumberland County

  • Wilson’s Cove Trail — A 1/2-mile trail on a 14-acre easement. 
  • Mitchell Field — 1.5 miles of trails on this former Navy facility. Easy walking on well-tended trails. The land includes a beach, wooded trails, paved trails, and a community garden. In the summer, end your walk (or start it!) with an ice cream cone from the parlor at the top of the drive.
  • Devil’s Back Trail, Orr’s Island — 1.2-mile loop, some tricky footing involved. Lovely views of the sea. You will probably see seals!
  • Long Reach Preserve — 93-acre preserve with a good-length walk. Some ups and downs.
  • Cliff Trail — A popular 2.3-mile loop trail, on a 200-acre town-owned lot with 150-foot cliffs that provide views of Long Reach. Some inclines. A half-mile section along Strawberry Creek is wheelchair accessible.
  • Bowdoin College Coastal Studies Center, Orr’s Island — Bowdoin maintains this 118-acre preserve and 3.5-mile trail system for research and public use. You can walk along the rocky, scenic coast or explore fields that are wonderful for birding.
  • Skolfield Shores Preserve — A 19-acre preserve with two small trail loops. 
  • Hackett Land Preserve and Minot Easement — A smallish walk in a 36-acre wooded preserve. Connects to snowmobile trails.
  • Stover’s Point Preserve — A lovely 4-acre beach, with small salt marsh tucked behind. Makes for a very short walk. 
  • Pott’s Point — One-acre parcel at the tip of Harpswell Neck. The walk takes you along a narrow lane through the neighborhood. Easy walking but it is rocky out on the neck. 
  • Widgeon Cove Trail A very pretty, short trail. 
  • Curtis Farm Preserve —  The 86-acre preserve connects two coves and includes a large meadow. No dogs off leash during bird nesting season, April 15-July 31.
  • Giant Stairs — A gorgeous, short trail along a particularly dramatic section of Harpswell’s coast. 
  • Houghton Graves Park — A .25-mile loop trail to a pretty view of a cove. 
  • Otter Brook Preserve — This 68-preserve protects a freshwater stream and marsh. The 1.6-mile trail system includes a viewing spot of the marsh.
  • Little Ponds Preserve — A pretty preserve, with two loops, the South Loop a .25-mile trail that includes a lookout over a cattail marsh. The North Loop, about 0.7 miles, brings you to the clay banks of a tidal cove.