Grafton Notch State Park

Map shows trails in Oxford County

  • Eyebrow Trail — A steep, strenuous 2.7-mile loop that brings you to a ridge with views down the notch.
  • Table Rock — Across Route 26, you can do a 2.5-mile loop to the fabulous flat ledge, 900 feet or so above the valley floor, with views stretching down the notch and over to Old Speck. One way up is super steep, but you could opt to take the gentler trail up and down.
  • Dunn Falls — A relatively easy (as in it’s pretty flat) 2.5-loop trail that brings you to the trail highlight: a tall waterfall and deep pool.
  • Cataracts Trail — A 0.4-mile trail follows the brook to a long and narrow waterfall, and pools surrounded by smooth rock.
  • Grafton Loop Trail — A challenging 38.6-mile loop that takes more than one day to complete, but includes several peaks with outstanding views and a chance to explore some remote country.
  • Step Falls Preserve — This is a wonderful and popular 24-acre preserve near the state park, with a half-mile hike up a waterfall made up of big, smooth white rocks and lovely pools. It can get very crowded on hot summer days.
  • Goose Eye Mountain (via the Wright Trail) — An arduous 4.6 miles to a peak nearly 4,000 feet high, with the second half being quite a bit steeper than the first half. The first 2.5 miles is a lovely walk unto itself, as it hews closely to Goose Eye Brook and its many cascades and pools. You come to exposed ridge at 3.1 miles.
  • Grafton Notch Loop — The complete loop is just under 39 miles. I’ve just done the western side (or southern side, depending on how you squint at the map), which is shorter than the other side at 16.3 miles. It includes the two peaks of Old Speck Mountain and Sunday River Whitecap. Sunday River Whitecap is glorious! Old Speck has nice views from a tower.