Grafton Notch State Park

Map shows trails in Oxford County

  • Eyebrow Trail — A steep, strenuous 2.7-mile loop that brings you to a ridge with views down the notch.
  • Dunn Falls — A relatively easy (as in it’s pretty flat) 2.5-loop trail that brings you to the trail highlight: a tall waterfall and deep pool.
  • Cataracts Trail — A 0.4-mile trail follows the brook to a long and narrow waterfall, and pools surrounded by smooth rock.
  • Grafton Loop Trail — A challenging 38.6-mile loop that takes more than one day to complete, but includes several peaks with outstanding views and a chance to explore some remote country.
  • Step Falls Preserve — This is a wonderful and popular 24-acre preserve near the state park, with a half-mile hike up a waterfall made up of big, smooth white rocks and lovely pools. It can get very crowded on hot summer days.