Boothbay and Edgecomb

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Map shows trails in Lincoln County

  • Saunders Preserve — A gem, most likely, in spring and summer. A short wooded trail to a stream, small pond, salt marsh and view of Pleasant Cove. Moderately difficult walking. Dogs allowed.
  • Zak Preserve — 2.2 miles of trails, some of which abut the Wildcat Creek watershed. Moderately difficult walking. Dogs allowed.
  • Linekin and Burley Preserves — A lovely walk, with seashore views. Moderately difficult. Dogs allowed. A bit under three miles in total.
  • Lobster Cove Meadow and Appalachee Preserves — Great birding on this almost 4-mile walk if you hike both preserves. Moderately difficult. Dogs allowed.
  • Ocean Point Preserve — A 1-mile loop to an overlook good for birding. Dogs allowed.
  • Schoolhouse Pond Preserve — A 1-mile or so wooded loop. Dogs allowed, as are mountain bikes, horses, ATVs and snowmobiles. Moderately difficult.
  • Porter Preserve — A beautiful trail, roughly a mile. Easy walking here. Dogs allowed.
  • Gregory Hiking Trail — An easy .7-mile loop in the woods view views over the Back River.
  • Ovens Mouth East and West Preserves — Gorgeous. Go for a longish (three miles?) and splendid walk here, with your pup. Moderately difficult.
  • Penny Lake Preserve — An easy walk through an in-town park and preserve, with a .5-mile loop in a field and a little more in the woods across the bridge.
  • Pine Tree Property — A .9-mile loop, or add one a 1.2-mile there and back spur. A small pond makes for good bird watching.
  • Colby Wildlife Preserve — An easy, short walk to a quiet cove. Dogs allowed.
  • River Link Trail — Five miles one way, this trail takes you from McKay Road in Boothbay to Dodge Point in Newcaste. Tricky spots but overall flat and fairly easy.
  • Schmid Preserve — Roughly five miles of trails, with shorter loops possible. Wooded, dog friendly, one sunny meadow and a lovely old road.
  • Cross River Preserve — A sweet 19-acre preserve with access to Cross River and a one-mile trail. Dogs allowed.

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!