Boothbay and Edgecomb

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Map shows trails in Lincoln County

  • Saunders Preserve — A gem, most likely, in spring and summer. A short wooded trail to a stream, small pond, salt marsh and view of Pleasant Cove. Moderately difficult walking. 
  • Zak Preserve — 2.2 miles of trails, some of which abut the Wildcat Creek watershed. Moderately difficult walking. Connects to River-Link Trail.
  • Linekin and Burley Preserves — A lovely walk, with seashore views. Moderately difficult. Dogs allowed. A bit under three miles in total.
  • Lobster Cove Meadow and Appalachee Preserves — Great birding on this almost 4-mile walk if you hike both preserves. Moderately difficult. 
  • Ocean Point Preserve — A 1-mile loop to an overlook good for birding. 
  • Schoolhouse Pond Preserve — A 1-mile or so wooded loop. Dogs allowed, as are mountain bikes, horses, ATVs and snowmobiles. Moderately difficult.
  • Porter Preserve — A beautiful trail, roughly a mile. Easy walking here. 
  • Gregory Hiking Trail — An easy .7-mile loop in the woods view views over the Back River.
  • Ovens Mouth East and West Preserves — Gorgeous. Go for a longish (three miles?) and splendid walk here, with your pup. Moderately difficult.
  • Penny Lake Preserve — An easy walk through a charming park and preserve, with a .5-mile loop in a field and a little more trail action in the woods across a pretty bridge.
  • Pine Tree Property — A .9-mile loop, or add one a 1.2-mile there and back spur. A small pond makes for good bird watching.
  • Colby Wildlife Preserve — An easy, short walk to a quiet cove. 
  • River Link Trail — Almost 7 miles one way, this trail takes you from Zak Preserve on Route 27 in Boothbay through Schmid Preserve to Dodge Point in Newcaste. Tricky spots but overall flat and fairly easy.
  • Schmid Preserve — Roughly five miles of trails, with shorter loops possible. Wooded, dog friendly, one sunny meadow and a lovely old road. Connects to the River-Link Trail.
  • Cross River Preserve — A sweet 19-acre preserve with access to Cross River and a one-mile trail. 
  • Thorpe Preserve — A really little but pretty preserve, with just about .2 miles of trails. 
  • Oak Point Farm — A 32-acre former saltwater farm, with open fields leading to a cove and a gentle 1.1-mile trail network.
  • Ocean Point Walk — This short but beautiful trail is less than 0.2 miles one way but offers amazing coastal views.

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!