Places to X-C ski

These trail systems are (sometimes only occasionally) groomed for Nordic skiing, as in tracked or smoothed/packed down. You should, if you can, check ahead for grooming updates and trail conditions! Quite a few rely on volunteer groomers and only groom when there’s decent snow. I’m starring the ones I was particularly impressed by (consistent grooming, fun trail system).

Other places around the state I have not yet visited

  • Acadia National Park Carriage Road, Mt. Desert Island
  • Nordic Heritage Center, Presque Isle
2 comments to “Places to X-C ski”
2 comments to “Places to X-C ski”
  1. Good question! They are a very inexact, subjective assessment of how well I think the trails are taken care of and groomed, and how fun the trail system is to ski. So the asterisks mark places where I believe visitors have a very good chance of a wonderful day of skiing.

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!