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Map shows trails in Cumberland County

  • Presumpscot River Trail, East Bridge Street — A lovely, quiet 1.4-mile trail along the river. From here you can cross the bridge to Riverton Trolley Park.
  • Mill Brook Preserve — This trail follows a beautiful brook—an important migratory route for alewife fish—with some deep-looking pools. The trail has a few steep ups and downs. 
  • Mill Brook South Preserve — Just a bit south of Mill Brook Preserve is this 32-acre parcel that protects land along the brook. You can go for a 1.5-mile loop through old forest here.
  • Westbrook City Forest — This trail system seems designed for mountain bikers, but the Cascade Trail in the northern section of the forest is pleasant for walking. 
  • Conant Property — This is a small preserve with granite benches and swings by the Presumpscot River.
  • Pride Preserve — 188 acres of forest (some relatively recently harvested) and streams, with many trails following wide, old, flat woods roads.
  • Westbrook Schools/Animal League trails — You can walk about 2 miles from the dog park to Spring Road along mostly footpaths. Be careful around the animal league, though, as volunteers may be taking some of the dogs out for walks.

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!