Map shows trails in Knox County

I highly recommend stopping by the Vinalhaven Land Trust’s headquarters, at Skoog Park, 0.2 miles from the ferry terminal at 12 Skoog Park Road. Even if they’re closed, you can pick up many wonderful maps of the island trails in its kiosk next to the parking area.

  • Lane’s Island Preserve — This 45-acre preserve offers a heavenly perimeter trail around a rocky bluff, with fantastic views and two protected coves to explore.
  • Armbrust Hill Town Park — Though the parking situation is tricky (you are encouraged to park downtown and walk to the park), this 30-acre former quarry has lots to offer: including views and a playground.
  • Ayer’s Neck Woods and Geary’s Beach — A walk along the pebbly beach to the loop trail around the neck and back is short, easy and beautiful. Be careful of fragile vegetation and the tides.
  • Huber Preserve — A .7-mile trail through the woods takes you to a .5-mile loop with lookouts over the undeveloped and pretty Seal Bay.
  • The Basin Preserve — Almost 780 acres of land have been protected around the Basin. You can explore the area along several different trails that bring you through different habitat and to many views. 
  • Isle Au Haut Mountain — Walk up the rather rough Isle Au Haut Mountain Road for .5 mile to reach the 17-acre town park at the top, which has open ledge and distant views.
  • Grimes Park — A small park next to the ferry terminal with short trails leading to beautiful views of the harbor.
  • Starboard Rock Sanctuary — A stunning promontory, with beautiful views, accessible via a roughly 0.9-mile walk along dirt roads and footpaths. Parking is limited and dogs are not allowed.
  • Eleanor Campbell Preserve — A 32-acre preserve with access to a quiet cove and cobble beach.
  • Lower Mill River Preserve — You can explore several different areas at this 100-plus-acre conservation area, and go for an extended walk with views of a pond and harbor and Mill River.
  • Perry Creek Conservation Area — The largest protected area on the island, this 600-acre preserve offers many miles of walking and views along the serene tidal cove, as well as a nice view from the highest point on the island
  • Middle Mountain Town Park — Across the street from Perry Creek Conservation Area is the 75-Middle Mountain park, which has nice views from scrubby, open ledge.
  • Marcuse Wetlands Preserve — A 45-acre preserve, a forest growing over peatland.
  • Whitmore Pond Sanctuary — A small preserve and short walk to a reversing falls.
  • Tip Toe Mountain Preserve — This 40-acre preserve manages to keep the delights coming continuously throughout its small network of trails. There are lots of views from craggy ridges, and access to a quiet shore.
  • Sunset Rock Town Park — A walk of just over a mile on road, dirt road, and trail brings you through an island village to a sloping, smooth rock, from which you can take in beautiful views of Hurricane Sound.