Map shows trails in Knox County

  • Lane’s Island Preserve — This 45-acre preserve offers a heavenly perimeter trail around a rocky bluff, with fantastic views and two protected coves to explore.
  • Armbrust Hill Town Park — Though the parking situation is tricky (you are encouraged to park downtown and walk to the park), this 30-acre former quarry has lots to offer: including views and a playground.
  • Ayer’s Neck Woods and Geary’s Beach — A walk along the pebbly beach to the loop trail around the neck and back is short, easy and beautiful. Be careful of fragile vegetation and the tides.
  • Huber Preserve — A .7-mile trail through the woods takes you to a .5-mile loop with lookouts over the undeveloped and pretty Seal Bay.
  • The Basin Preserve — Almost 780 acres of land have been protected around the Basin. You can explore the area on four different trails.
  • Isle Au Haut Mountain — Walk up the rather rough Isle Au Haut Mountain Road for .5 mile to reach the 17-acre town park at the top, which has open ledge and distant views.