Map shows trails in Penobscot County

  • Bangor Waterfront Trail — This nearly 1 mile trail is paved and pleasant. It connects to the 2.4-mile Kenduskeag Stream Trail.
  • Kenduskeag Stream Trail — The dirt path is mostly flat (with one short hill and one short staircase), and offers a really pleasant riverside stroll.
  • Central Penjajwoc Preserve — The gentle trail system makes two loops through forest and meadow, for a total of 1.8 miles. It can be very wet in places.
  • Essex Woods — Most of the trails wind about in pretty woods, with two long legs running along the edge of a marsh. A huge hill here is popular with sledders.
  • Cascade and Saxl Parks — These are two parks with different characters connected via a short trail. Cascade is small (7.4 acres) and more cultivated, Saxl is larger and wilder, composed mostly of open meadows.
  • Brown Woods — Lovely old white pines tower over the wide, flat, easy trails designed to be wheelchair accessible at this 28-acre preserve.
  • Prentiss Woods — More old pines and a mostly easy trail system at this 25-acre city preserve.