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Map shows Sagadahoc County

  • Bijhouwer Forest Easement — A 73-acre forest, with waterfalls and huge boulders. Dogs allowed.
  • Perkins Farm Trail and Fort Baldwin— This is a lovely 1.2-mile trail to views of Atkins Bay and the fascinating ruins of Fort Baldwin. The trail is very gentle going.
  • Ridgewell Preserve — You can walk for a long, pretty, and interesting walk here, as this Ridgewell’s 46 acres connects to town land and abutting preserves. More than five miles of trails in this stretched-out and beautiful conservation area.
  • Robinson’s Rock, or Bumper Rock, and Totman Cove — A little jaunt will take you to a beautiful view of the ocean at Bumper Rock. Go farther to explore the 88 acres of preserved land, one-mile trail and lovely beach at Totman Cove (which is only open to Phippsburg residents). Dogs allowed, I believe, but probably not on the beach.
  • Spirit Pond Preserve — One of my favorites. A three-mile trail network wends its way through this substantial preserve.
  • Basin Preserve trails : Sprague Pond Trail — Walk six miles, or longer through this 114-acre preserve (especially if you hook up with the Mica Mine and Denny Reed trails), and go swimming in the quiet spring-fed Sprague Pond. Dogs allowed. Mica Mine — Part of The Nature Conservancy’s 1,910 acres around the Basin, along with Denny Reed trail and Sprague Pond Trails. Lots of good walking here. Dogs allowed. Denny Reed — Part of The Nature Conservancy’s 1,910 acres around the Basin, along with Mica Mine trail and Sprague Pond Trails. Lots of good walking here. Dogs allowed. New Meadows Trail — A short 1.6-ish mile loop on old dirt roads. Part of the Basin Preserve.
  • Center Pond Preserve — A 253-acre preserve that borders Center Pond.
  • Wilbur Preserve — A quick hike to astounding views from open ledge. Bring a picnic.
  • Greenleaf Easement, Noble Preserve and Mary’s Woods — All very little and lovely walks off of Fiddler’s Reach Road in upper Phippsburg. Mary’s Woods, Noble Hill Preserve, and Greenleaf Easement.
  • Morse Mountain — 600 acres, a 2-mile trail to a glorious, long, sandy beach. Spectacular views. And really, really popular because of it. No dogs allowed.
  • Hermit Island Campground — Open to walkers only in the off season. Miles of walking paths and dirt roads and lanes. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Dogs okay, I think. To walk from one end of the other is roughly between 1.6 and 2 miles, depending on which trail you take (and not including any detours!).
  • Merritt Mountain — A .4-mile, easy hike up a small mountain with beautiful views. The land is part of Sebasco Harbor Resort. 
  • Fuller Mountain — This is an unmarked, but fairly easy to follow, .6-mile or so trail to the top of a little mountain with views and an old quarry. It is on private land, so take care.
  • McDonald Marsh — This is a little .8-mile or so walk through forest. The 20-acre parcel helps protect waterways that feed into Spirit Pond and the Morse River.
  • Gamble Preserve — Thought the trail here is only .2 miles, and the preserve quite tiny, it is a beautiful spot with a quiet cove — and a swing! (Or, there was one in the fall of 2018.)