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Map shows trails in Lincoln County

  • Peters Pond Preserve — A beautiful, quiet, undeveloped pond!  A 1.6-mile mile loop from Dutch Neck Road is well blazed, taking you to the pond. You can also get to the pond from Gross Neck Road. 
  • Clarry Hill — 1.25 miles, one way, through blueberry fields, woods and to an undeveloped pond. A treat. 
  • Geele Farm Trail — A pretty and varied 2.5-mile (or shorter) walk, with places to swim in Medomak River. 
  • Osborn Finch Sanctuary — This is a short walk, .7 miles or so, but the views of the Medomak River are gorgeous, and you can also rent a little seaside cabin here. 
  • Reef Point Preserve — A walk along a dirt road takes you to a .6-mile loop that passes by a pretty stretch of the Medomak River. 
  • Goose River Peace Corps and Mill Pond preserves — About 2 miles of trails (which intersect with snowmobile trails) on a roughly 100-acre parcel, with some pretty spots along the river and pond. 
  • Burkett Mill Preserve — This is a large preserve (with good blueberries!). 
  • Quarry Hill and MVLT Founders Preserves — This preserve has been updated with two largish blazed loops taking you through meadows and woods. There is also a little trail around the quarry pond, and a snowmobile trail through the beautiful blueberry barrens.
  • Waldoboro Town Forest — There is a 1.5-mile blazed loop in this 65-acre woods. The walk takes you through an old-growth hemlock tree stand. 
  • Marine Park — Very short trails, pretty and small park. Used as a boat launch. 
  • Riverbrook Preserve — A lovely 1.5-mile trail along the Medomak River and through fields has been extended to include another loop by Meadow Brook.
  • Guy Van Duyn Refuge — A .4-mile trail leads down to a tidal marsh. 
  • George Gould Nature Preserve — At the former AD Gray School, you can do a .9-mile marked loop through the woods and to a meadow.
2 comments to “Waldoboro”
2 comments to “Waldoboro”
  1. How far are any mountains/hills from Waldoboro? We are considering relocating to Maine from Colorado, but I like to hike, not just walk on trails….
    Thank you in advance

  2. From Waldoboro, you’re about 30 minutes from Camden and the beautiful little mountains of Camden Hills State Park. There are a few other hikes in that area, too. And you’re about two hours from Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island, which has gorgeous hiking (although, again, the mountains aren’t that high).

    For bigger mountains and more serious hiking, you’d have to head west. The White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire is really awesome. To get to its eastern portion, which is in Maine, you’d be looking at a drive of a little over two hours. I hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!