Map shows trails in Cumberland County

    • Pettengill Farm is a nineteenth century salt-water farm owned by Freeport Historical Society. It includes a saltbox house (ca. 1800) on 140 acres of fields, woods, apple orchards and salt marsh. The trail system includes a dirt road and footpaths.
    • Mast Landing Audubon Sanctuary — More than three miles of trails wind along this 101-acre preserve, mostly flat. Sometimes the trails are overgrown. No dogs allowed.
    • Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park — 200 beautiful acres, several miles of easy trails. Dogs allowed on leash.
    • Wolfe’s Neck Farm Trails — Wolfe’s Neck Farm has more than 3 miles of hiking trails open to the public year-round. A bit hard to find the path sometimes. 
    • Calderwood Trail — A very short walk that links up to a larger network of trails in East Freeport (see below!).
    • East Freeport Trails — A long, flat walk in the woods, with a side trip to a beaver pond. Dogs allowed except on part of the Kelsey Brook Trail that passes a farm.
    • South Freeport Trails — Good walking here on a substantial networks of trails. Mostly flat. 
    • Cousins River Trail — A 1.2-mile there-and-back walk takes you to an overlook of the river. 
    • Powell Point — A 1.6-mile, there-and-back trail that leads you to a bench overlooking a spectacular view of Casco Bay, and a side trail to a salt marsh. A short incline. 
    • Hedgehog Mountain and Freeport Recreational Trails — Over five miles of trails leads to Freeport’s highest point. You have a view in wintertime.
    • Florida Lake — Walk around a large, shallow lake on this 167-acre property. Flat and easy. 
    • Quarry Woods — This 35-acre town-owned preserve has 1.5 miles of wooded trails. 
    • Leon Gorman Park — You can take a short, easy stroll in the woods around a gully in this 8-acre town park, or extend your walk by crossing the street to the Mast Landing School and hooking up with the Quarry Woods trails.
    • Arnold Family Forest — This property includes a 3.-mile trail to the banks of a private cove. There might be more trails here, but they weren’t well marked when I visited. 
    • Frost Gully Woods — An easy walk, under a mile, that takes you to an enchanting brook. 
    • Rachel’s Cove — A very short walk, dogs allowed. Close to Wolfe’s Neck State Park. 
    • Field Estuary — A .7-mile (or so) walk through a forest to a marsh outlook.
    • Brewer Woods — A short walk in the woods!
    • Tidebrook — A lovely stroll through fields and woods, with views of the Harraseeket River. Only open spring, summer, and fall. No dogs.
    • Winslow Park — A 90-acre popular town park, and a very popular campground in the summer, visited by walkers and their dogs throughout the year for the seaside views, easy trails, sandy beach, and possibly the playground.
    • Walsh Preserve — A small preserve with great views of the marshy Cousins River.
    • Harvey Brook — A 0.9-mile forested loop behind a subdivision to high land overlooking a brook.
    • Simpson Woods — A beloved patch of woods donated to the trust in 2019 with a stream, old stone walls, and 1-mile flat loop.