Map shows trails in Waldo County

  • Rines Wetlands and Wildlife Preserve — A 1-mile there-and-back track follows the edge of the marsh and ends at a small marsh lookout.
  • Moulton’s Mill Preserve — Follow a meadow and continue along 25-Mile Stream on a .9-mile one-way track.
  • Triplet Park and Bartlett Shore Trail — The small municipal park connects to a 1-mile trail, much of it along snowmobile track, that brings you to the shore of Unity Pond.
  • Connor Mill Trail — You can do a 3-mile walk along Sandy Stream at this nice protected spot.
  • Field of Dreams — An old hayfield has been converted into a recreational trail, with a 1-mile wheelchair accessible loop around the perimeter.
  • Unity College Forest Trails — A 3-mile network of wide, well-marked trails are maintained behind the college. This system connects to the 47-mile Hills to Sea Trail.
  • CommUnity Bikeway and Fairgrounds Trail — If you start this trail at the college campus, you’ll start off on a wide gravel path that slopes down through a pretty field and across a gorgeous pedestrian bridge spanning Sandy Stream. The path continues across Route 202 and takes walkers to the fairgrounds.
  • Kanokolus Bog — The trail was a bit wild when we visited in the spring of 2020, and it takes you through woods and a small meadow.
  • Carlson Woods Preserve — Stop by this easement for a 1-mile loop trail through quiet woods.
  • Hills to Sea Trail — You can walk all 47 miles of the Hills to Sea Trail in segments. A couple of nice ones are near Unity College and MOFGA’s headquarters.