Map shows trails in Hancock County

  • Indian Point — A one-way .3-mile trail through the woods takes you to the end of a point with views of Union River and downtown.
  • Birdsacre — Come to see rehabilitated owls, hawks, geese, and other birds, and then take a walk on the four or so miles of paths that are peppered with nature quotes and quirky trail signs.
  • Woodlawn Museum — Another cultural attraction that also includes walking paths. After touring the old Black Mansion, you can walk the two miles or so of trails behind the estate.
  • Jordan Homestead — This relatively small 31-acre preserve offers a lot of beauty.
  • Branch Lake Public Forest — The city’s 240-acre public forest has well-marked trails that take you to the quiet shores of Branch Lake.
  • Meadowbrook Forest — Like the nearby Surry Forest, you can go for a relatively lengthy walk, ski, bike ride, or run on former logging roads. The Blue Hill Heritage Trust has placed signs to direct visitors on two 5-mile loops. The 2,030-acre tract can be accessed from both Ellsworth and Surry.
  • Ellsworth Trail — This paved 1.3-mile trail runs along train tracks and by the high school.
  • Green Lake Fish Hatchery — This hatchery has been raising salmon since the mid-1970s. You can make a loop by walking 1.3 miles around the hatchery through the woods to the lake’s edge, and back .6 miles along the paved drive.