West Forks, The Forks, near West Forks

Map shows trails in Somerset County.

  • Pleasant Pond Mountain — You can hike a steeper 1.6 miles (from the west), or a more gentle 5 miles from the east to summit this 2,447-foot mountain with good views.
  • Moxie Bald Mountain — A wonderful mountain and a wonderful experience. If you can hike this one—including its North Peak—you won’t be disappointed. Wide, open ledges, with views all around. The only downside is it can take a while to get there. The path from Troutdale Road is almost 5 miles (although there is a shortcut for those with high-clearance cars).
  • Mosquito Mountain — A short (1.6 mile ascent) but steep trail brings you to astounding views from first a ledge accessible via a side trail, and then to the 2,215-ft. summit.
  • Coburn Mountain — 3,718-ft. mountain is close to West Forks and Jackman, so I’m putting it in both towns. The steep climb is worth the glorious views from an observation tower on top.
  • Williams Mountain — (Also in Jackman’s list of walks). A gentle 1.7-mile climb (minus the last steep 1/4-mile) brings you to nice views, a well-preserved fire warden’s hut, and a fire tower on this 2,410-ft mountain.
  • Moxie Falls — The .8-mile trail (you can extend it for a 2.3-mile loop on unmarked trails) to these splendid falls is easy, level, and good enough for a wheelchair (but the platforms and steps at the falls itself are not wheelchair accessible). A great walk for the family.
  • Dead River Trail — A flat, wheelchair-accessible track not open to ATVs follows the Dead River and goes for many miles. The first two miles are lovely and there are picnic tables (the prettiest ones are closer to the two-mile mark).
  • Cold Stream Falls — A mostly easy 1.2-mile trail (the beginning stretch is a bit rooty, rocky, and uneven( takes you to the scenic waterfall and pool.
  • Magic Falls — A 1.6-mile trail through the woods takes you to a few rocky perches on the edge of Kennebec River rapids.