Weld, Near Weld

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Map shows trails in Franklin County

  • Tumbledown and Little/Big Jackson Mountains — A glorious hike, probably the most popular in Maine. Strenuous hike to a beautiful summit (Tumbledown) with a mountain lake. My map is unfinished. 
  • Blueberry Mountain — A steep 1.4-mile climb to rewarding views. 
  • Mt. Blue — A steady 1.5-mile ascent takes you to a lovely summit and observatory tower.
  • Center Hill — If you don’t feel like climbing a grueling mountain, check out this sweet half-mile nature trail with gorgeous views.
  • Mt. Blue State Park Campground Trails — You can do a 2.5-mile or 3-mile loop in the park. It’s mostly wooded, except for a section along the lake.
  • Bald Mountain-Saddleback Wind Traverse — A stunning hike, with amazing views. A steep 1.1-mile hike to Bald, another 1.8 miles (with more climbing) to Saddleback.