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Map shows trail in Kennebec County

  • Winslow Community Trails — Wide, easy, wheelchair-accessible trails. 
  • Head of Falls — A city park, with a road road leading north. 
  • Oxbow Nature Preserve — A small city park with views of Messalonskee Stream. A bit rough. 
  • Thomas College — The best part of this little 1/2-mile trail, which needed some TLC in the winter of 2018, was a bench inscribed with “serenity.”
  • Merritt Nature Trail — This short trail has a lot of promise, as it borders the Messalonskee Stream, but it needed some attention in the winter of 2018. 
  • Quarry Trails — This 200-plus acres of city-owned land is a wonderful resource for locals. It has 6.5 miles (to date) of trails are groomed for skiing in the winter; I gather it’s a popular place for bikers, walkers, and runners in the non-snowy months. 
  • North Street Recreation Area/Community Trail — A 0.6-mile wheelchair accessible trail lets you stroll along the pretty Messalonskee Stream in the dappled shade of trees.