Map shows trails in York County.

  • Fort Foster — A stunning old military site, with beaches and great seaside trails.
  • Fort McClary — There isn’t much walking to be had here, but it’s a great spot to visit. I saw lots of Northern flickers when I visited.
  • Norton Preserve — Woods and wetlands and about 3 miles of trails.
  • Town Forest — This used to be the poor farm; there’s lots of interesting history in this pretty forested preserve.
  • Remick Preserve — A quiet 1.6 mile or so walk in a forest.
  • Brave Boat Headwaters Preserve — A roughly 1-mile walk in a wooded preserve.
  • Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge at Cutts Island — Another lovely walk on the national refuge lane, with views of wetlands.
  • Fairchild — A teensy preserve with a .1-mile long trail.
  • Rogers Park — A 23-acre preserve with an old oak forest and views of a tidal creek.
  • Seapoint — Two beaches are joined by a grassy bluff at this 4.5-acre preserve (limited parking, closed to non-Kittery residents during the summer).