Stockton Springs

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Map shows trails in Waldo County

  • Fort Point State Park — There aren’t too many trails here, but if you walk down the state park access road, around the point, and down Lighthouse Road, you’ll have a really nice walk. Dogs allowed. You have to pay a fee in the summer. Park closed in the winter.
  • Main Stream Preserve — A short walk, about .7 miles one way. Dogs allowed.
  • Sandy Point Beach — This is a cool destination if you’re a history buff, or want to see seals and ospreys, I hear (I didn’t see either). It can be wet in the trails behind the beach.
  • Mt Tuck Preserve — Hike 1.8 miles to the second-highest point in the town, the 565-foot Mt Tuck. The summit is wooded but you can catch a lovely view 0.3 miles farther on.