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Map shows trails in Oxford County

  • Viking and Riverside Trail — This is a well-made trail, partly wheelchair accessible, that runs along the river. Roughly 3 miles total. Dogs allowed.
  • Singepole Mountain — About 1.4 easy miles to the top, with a view overlooking nearby Streaked Mountain. There’s a glorious water-filled quarry at top. The path is marked by the local snowmobile club, I think. It’s not the easiest trail to follow. Dogs allowed.
  • Streaked Mountain — A half-mile trek straight up hill to beautiful views. Careful in bad weather. Dogs allowed.
  • Cornwall Nature Preserve — A roughly three-mile network takes you through pretty woods and over streams. Dogs allowed.
  • Crocker Hill — A short, easy hike to a beautiful view. The trail is not as well marked as other hikes. Cairns mark the last ascent to the summit. Dogs allowed.