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Map shows trails in Cumberland County

  • Twin Brook Recreation Area — A 240-acre town-owned park, great for skiing. There are about 5 miles or so of trails here, including one paved section for wheelchairs. 
  • Town Forest — This trail through managed woods is about 1.5 or so miles long. Nice, easy path. 
  • Rines Forest — This 216-acre wooded conserve offers a sylvan stream, wide trails and about 3 miles of easy walking. Connects to Hadlock Forest in Falmouth and Farwell Forest/Knight’s Pond Preserve.
  • Bruce Hill (Knight’s Pond Preserve) — There’s nearly 300 acres of public land here, with three or four miles of trails and some inclines. Views from the high point, on Blueberry Hill, are nice for coastal Maine, as is Knight’s Pond, which is a good place to ice skate. 
  • Farwell Forest — This 45-acre wood connects, via snowmobile tracks, Knight’s Pond Preserve with Rines Forest in Falmouth.
  • Cross-town trail — A linked network of trails through Windham, Falmouth and Cumberland.
  • Broad Cove Reserve — The obvious thing to do here is head to the beach and go for a dip, but there are a few trails on this 100-acre reserve. When I visited, they were unmarked, but easy to follow and find.
  • Rock Ridge — Hike a pleasant 1.5-mile forested loop on this 39-acre wooded preserve.

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!