Walks with Art and History

This page features preserves that offer not just winding paths through nature but also outdoor art. Or they make an effort to call visitors’ attention to remnants of our past within their borders. (To find detailed history about many of these places, check out local historical societies!)

A quick note: Many preserves and parks not listed here, typically more urban ones, contain amazing outdoor sculpture. I’m highlighting the preserves that have dedicated art exhibits open to the public.

Additionally, signs of human activity on the land over the centuries, from Native Americans, colonialists, and more recent occupants, can be found in many (if not all!) preserves throughout the state. These signs include shell middens, stone walls, house foundations, rusting farm equipment, quarries, the blocky stones of former mills, lighthouses, and military installations. I am including in my list the sites that make a point of preserving some of that history or educating the public with panels or exhibits. This list will be very incomplete. Please let me know if you think I should add one that I’ve missed!