Places to walk and take a swim

This is a list in progress! As is the rest of this site. A lot of the walks along coastal Maine take you to the shore where it’s possible to swim off of the rocky coast — although perhaps not the easiest activity in the world, particularly if you have bad knees. Some of these suggestions are of the “pack your bathing suit just in case but it might not be the best swimming spot” variety.

Also, this list is a little difficult to keep up because in midcoast Maine, there aren’t that many walk/swim combos —  whereas in Western Maine, that’s all there is! (That’s an exaggeration, but still.) So, if you do a search for ‘swimming’ on my site, you’ll find many more places that I’ve not included in this list but have tagged for swimming.

I’m ranking these with asterisks, one to three, with three being the best and one being just okay.

2 comments to “Places to walk and take a swim”
2 comments to “Places to walk and take a swim”

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!