View larger map Map shows trails in Hancock County

  • Frances B Wood and Salt Marsh Trail — If you do the whole network, you’ll walk about 2.6 miles, and see some pretty marsh views. 
  • Taft Point — This is a lovely place, with a stony beach and some steep sections of the trail. 
  • Corea Heath — There are two trails to explore the heath. The more northern one is a 1.4-mile loop that, while pretty, can be very wet. A .2-mile trail at the southern trailhead is a National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Forbes Pond — You can walk on either side of the quiet, undeveloped Forbes Pond at this 927-acre Maine Coast Heritage Trust preserve.
  • Day Ridges Preserve — You can do an approximately 1.6-mile or 1.8-mile loop through cedar swamp and by a beaver pond, or walk the 1.2-mile gravel road to check out Lower West Bay Pond. You can also canoe.