Map shows trails in York County

  • Folly Pond Loop — This is a lovely five-mile walk if you start at the Mountain Road gate. There are many miles of ATV track in this area, which is the York Water District watershed. But you can find a few footpaths, too. Half the 3.5-mile loop around Folly Pond is for hikers only. I hear there’s a path around Middle Pond, too.
  • Hilton-Winn Preserve — The roughly 3.4 miles of walking paths here mange to pack in a lot of variation: fields, forests, river frontage, a brook, pools, wetlands, a small waterfall, and interesting erratics. 
  • McFeely Preserve — The highlight of the half-mile loop in this small preserve is the mossy brook.
  • Smelt Brook and Highland Farm Preserves — These two preserves are across the street from one another, offering about 4.5 miles of trails along a salt marsh, meadows, and forest.
  • Steedman Woods to Cliff Walk  — A glorious, easy path along York Harbor and the mouth of York River, in a historical part of the village. Very popular.
  • York Land Trust Headquarters — Short paths weave around a field and bring you to views of a salt marsh.
  • Steedman Woods to the Cliff Walk — A really beautiful, popular, and easy trail along the harbor and river. Parking is limited. The walk includes wheelchair accessible sections and a pedestrian bridge called Wiggly Bridge.
  • Mt. Agamenticus Conservation Region  — This small mountain sits within a vast area of protected land in southern Maine. Numerous paths reach the big, open main summit (including a drive-able road) and connect to two other nearby hills, called Second and Third Hills. A beautiful wheelchair-accessible trail circles the top of the mountain.
  • Rachel Carson National Wildlife Reserve at Brave Boat Harbor — A beautiful and easy 1.25-mile walk to the salt marsh.
  • Fuller Forest Preserve — This 220-acre preserve connects to neighboring Norton Preserve, offering several miles of pleasant walking through both older forest and sustainably harvested forest, as well as some wetlands.
  • Cliff Walk — I feel like this trail is legendary. It’s a half-mile trail along the edge of the sea that skirts below coastal homes and by pebbly pocket coves. Some of the trail is on poured concrete, other bits are narrow dirt path — all of it is scenic. 
  • Whippoorwill Conservation Area — A lovely walk in an old public commons, with the extensive crumbling stone walls from the 1600s-1700s still decorating the woods. A marshy pond attracts interesting wildlife. In a subdivision with limited parking.