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Map shows Sagadahoc County

  • Cathance River Walk — A short walk to a view over the Cathance River. Leaves from downtown Bowdoinham. 
  • Wildes Road Wildlife Management Area — A rather spectacular walk through meadows, with an interesting promontory overlooking Merrymeeting Bay.
  • Red Rose Preserve — A 1-mile loop trail heads out from the ballfields near the Bowdoinham Community School, down a gully, across a short boardwalk, through a forest, and by a hayfield.
  • Pork Point Walking Trail — An easy there-and-back 0.75-mile trail edges the Kennebec River, ending at Pork Point with great views of the river.
  • Abagadasset River View — Though these town trails are not maintained regularly, the views are worth the effort! You can check out the remains of an old mill and the ledges at the head of tide for the beautiful Abagadasset River.