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Map shows trails in Kennebec County

  • Viles Arboretum — 224 acres, dog friendly, and filled with gardens and sculptures and open fields. There are, in total, five miles or so of wide, well-maintained and easy trails here.
  • Augusta Nature Education Center — Five miles of trails packed into a pretty compact area! 
  • University of Maine Augusta Fitness Trails — A little more than 2 miles of trails that can be picked up behind the tennis courts. 
  • Bond Brook ski trails — There’s about five miles or so of groomed track here for x-c skiing. There are also single-track trails for walking, biking, and snowshoeing that I haven’t done yet! 
  • Kennebec River Rail Trail — A lovely paved trail along the river. Great for joggers, strollers, and wheelchairs. Easy, pretty, and surprisingly quiet in sections. More than six miles long.
  • Augusta Greenway Trail — A roughly 1-mile wheelchair-accessible (but not paved) trail along Kennebec River, across from the Kennebec Rail Trail. You’ll walk by some historical sites.
  • Howard Hill — A nearly 3-mile trail system with a great view of the State House. Some steep hills.
  • Capitol Park — Easy, wheelchair-friendly paths through an elegant park.

Let me know if you have any trail updates or corrections!